Love Yourself-Love Life

Life Mastery Coaching

“Head Chatter or Heart Listening” Seminar


In this 3-hour presentation, you’ll learn about how YOU can finally drown out your “Monkey Mind” – and stop ALL indecisiveness!

You can remove ALL uncertainty around relationships, career, family – all by developing the invaluable skill of accessing ALL the answers you need that are right inside YOU.

Learn to make CLEAR “Heart Decisions” that will put you in FLOW with life – give you peace of mind – and get you closer to achieving your “HEART SPACE VISION”.

This NEW TYPE OF VISION demands that you become TRUE to yourself – TRUST your truth – and create a SURPRISING level of Joy, Freedom and Abundance in your life.

Next Seminar: Saturday, 19 January, 2-5pm at “The Lavalla Centre”, Paddington

Life Mastery Coaching

At Aspire to Life we focus on personal one-on-one coaching specifically in Personal Development and Self Mastery, because when you can Love Yourself you can Love your Life. This impacts on all areas of your life such as Career, Relationships, Stress, Communication, Happiness to name a few.

One-on-one coaching is great for anyone who wants individual focus on their goals and areas of development.


Life Mastery Class

 Have Fun and Master your life
Come join a group of like minded people where you have Fun and learn to master:
• Setting goals and actually achieve them!! • Do practical exercises to practice what you learn • Create a positive mindset • Develop life skills for Success and Happiness • Create meaningful, lasting relationships with family… friends… colleagues clients
Each week there will be:
• A different Personal Development topic • Weekly Goal Setting • Fun and Practical exercises


What is FlameTree?

FlameTree: the personal development & healing system is an integration of quantum physics, science, Western medicine experise, spiritual principles, advanced yoga, the energy dynamics of acupuncture, Body Talk, philosophy and understanding of traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, Massage, Aromatic, Counselling, Psychology, Reconnection, Emotional Field Therapy, Ayurvedic Medicine, Consciousness, the clinical findings of applied Kinesiology and Life Coaching.  A systems approach to personal development & holistic healing.